ERP for wineries built in Microsoft Dynamics


VinoTEC is a c certified winery business solution built with Dynamics 365 Business Central and connected with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Apps.

VinoTEC is a business software solution for wineries and beverage companies built with Dynamics 365 applications. Its core functionalities are based on Dynamics 365 Business Central, the new brand for the ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It integrates all manufacturing, administrative and commercial stages by providing exhaustive and real-time information for quick and reliable decision-making.

Microsoft Corporation has successfully certified VinoTEC ERP as vertical solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central. It means that solution accomplishes the highest standard requirements for partner-developed software and offers a commitment to functional and technical roadmap of Microsoft’s technologies.

VinoTEC ERP capabilities are enriched with other Dynamics 365 applications that contribute to promote customer’s engagement, their digital interactions (social media, e-marketing, e-commerce) and data capture and analysis (IoT a Business Intelligence).

Certified by Microsoft

Core ERP capabilities include

ERP for Winery Management
Financial and accounting management
ERP for Winery Management
Supply chain management
ERP for Winery Management
Vineyards & parcels Management
ERP for Winery Management
Vintage process management
ERP for Winery Management
Winery management / production process
ERP for Winery Management
Bottling and labelling
ERP for Winery Management
ERP for Winery Management
Official Documentation & Taxes

Extra applications based on customer engagement interactions are also available, like advanced sales & service management (CRM for wineries); digital marketing interaction and promotion; e-commerce and social media analysis; or deep business intelligence analysis via dashboards and strategic KPIs.

Are you interested in VinoTEC?

VinoTEC solutions are currently addressed to Spanish and Portuguese markets. However, we are open to explore new markets though cooperation with other Microsoft Dynamics partners who serve local functionalities and support final users. For further information, please, contact us by filling the form. Thank you very much in advanced for your interest!



“Checking at a glance in which field it has rained more; having access to a map of barrels or a 3D graphic of tanks; accessing the content of a particular barrel and knowing exactly which parcel the grapes come from and how much it has cost to produce a particular wine… These are only some of the most frequent questions to bear in mind when managing a winery. Thanks to VinoTEC, all of them can be carried out just with a click of the mouse”.


Faster, more flexible management of all departments’ daily tasks; exhaustive cost control, as well as the possibility of creating new user-demanded customized reports are some of the improvements that we have achieved. VinoTEC means considerable improvements on product tracing and cost control.


The wine industry requires technology and solutions like VinoTEC as an effective tool to fuel business, reduce costs or manage sales, customers or harvest processes. It is easy to use thanks to its similar interface with other Microsoft’s products that we are already used to working with.


One of the major advantages of VinoTEC is its traceability since it allows us to obtain a complete tracing of wine. In the area of financial management, I’d highlight its cash and fixed assets management, as well as the reporting functionality that avoid manual tasks.


Working with VinoTEC all available resources are optimized in order to pursue innovation and excellence as key values for our company. Management tasks have become faster, and we can work using real-time information and rely on having simple and strict product traceability.


VinoTEC allows us to provide a high level of service to our customers and improve our company management by controlling all our own business workflows and processes; furthermore, it provides relevant information and statistical data. Its main advantage resides in its capacity to integrate all business processes in a single application.


During diagnosis, training and deployment processes, we were able to count on a highly qualified and specialized consulting team. They were always available to solve our doubts rapidly and effectively.


Bodegas Luis Cañas has always worked for the continuous improvement in processes, communication and customer support. VinoTEC offers us –unlike other ERP’s- an excellent solution for all our company’s departments, as well as the possibility of customizing it to attend to our particular and personal working style.